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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Bend Hikes

Well, this isn't really a hike, just the overlook to The Window. There is a hike to The Window, but I'll have to save that for the next trip.

Santa Elena Canyon is another canyon on the Rio Grande. Here it is from a distance.

And here from inside the canyon.

I decided to go to Balanced Rock late in the day because it was 97 degrees during the day. Unfortunately, it was in the shade.

Here, I was just hoping there wasn't going to be an earthquake!

I decided to go back the next day. It was cooler and the rock was better lit.

The view from the other side. It was a great hike, and not too long. The last quarter mile required some rock-scrambling, though.

The Lost Mine trail had some really nice scenery.

Only here would they have a bear crossing!

Big Bend has a lot of hikes, and I only scratched the surface. But I always like to save something for the next visit.


Blogger Barbara and Ron said...

Are you crazy standing under that rock?

10:11 PM  
Blogger sally said...

Are you crazy standing so close to that bear??

10:35 PM  
Blogger Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Too of my favorite hikes I really liked the views at the end of lost mine trail you can see the hole vally.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Ginger said...

Hi! Are you crazy standing so close to the Pecos River?!?

Kidding... I have been lurking around your blog for a while. My husband & I just got back from a work/play trip around Texas. It seems that we were following you or you were following us or maybe we were side by side. We, too, were, at about the same time, in Bandera, Langtry, Big Bend, the Pecos River crossing, and all points in and around. We spent the night at Garner State Park near Leakey and stayed a couple of nights in Abilene, too. We also stayed a few nights on Terlingua Ranch near - you guessed it - Terlingua. It was a lovely trip.

I am enjoying your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us.

1:35 PM  

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