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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Desert Solitude

After two holiday weeks with the WINs, it’s time for some "desert solitude." As I versed some years ago—

We began as a tribe on a grassy plain,
Wandering a circuit for meat and grain,
Sharing our fire, our food and fun,
Transcending aloneness, we fused into one.

Now WIN is becoming what we’ve already been,
A wandering tribe of women and men.
We gather like salmon for a fine interlude,
Then scatter like pollen to court solitude.

Everyone we know has run away like us to ease up, wind down, recharge, "knit up the raveled sleeve of care"— cause the Quartzsite gathering, granddaddy of them all, is coming January 17th.

Seeking to diminish my ignorance, I signed up for a computer course at a local college. Here I am doing my homework. Diana is so proud.

Never neglecting my domestic chores, I became a contortionist to install a 12-volt plug for Diana’s computer.


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