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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Randy's New Poem

Randy's most requested poem is "The Dance of Testosterone," which characterized men at their most foolish and vulnerable moments. So it's only fair------

The Dance of Estrogen

Ladies are wired by evolution
To carefully guard their favors.
‘Cause babies are big responsibilities
And fathers come in weird flavors.

So it’s no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Until—one blue moon night
When her estrogen kicks in
And the stars are lined up right.

And if the guy—is in her ballpark,
Her heart beats somewhat quicker;
The cha-cha’s so seductive and
She’s had 4 shots of liquor.

Then we see a different lady—
Gone is Miss Prudish Hen.
Out goes Miss Reluctance and
Miss Pussy Cat walks in.

Her dress is showing cleavage,
Perfume casting spells,
She seems so fascinated by
The stories that he tells.

One hand brushes back her hair;
An eyebrow rises high.
She lifts across one leg, revealing
An exciting flash of thigh.

With her bosom thrust forward,
Buttocks tilted back,
Wiggling as she’s walking like
Two piglets in a sack.

Swish and swaying on the dance floor,
Till the music turns to hot,
Then she’s wiggling and a jiggling all
The goodies that she’s got.

Now the guy goes kinda crazy,
So focused on the pink,
His mind drops down below his belt;
He can no longer think.

She’s hooked him and she knows it;
Just wind on in the reel,
One excited fishy-man
Floppin’ in her creel.

Oh, the power and the beauty
Of women courtin’ men,
The light and fancy stepping of
The Dance of Estrogen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Two piglets in a sack"?????


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