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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gem of Eccentricity

Continuing our journey south, we arrived in Susanville and settled in at Walmart. Riding the town's lovely bike trail, we kept seeing religious messages chalked on the asphalt.

We soon found the writer -- Wade, a strange and passionate individual, using this unorthodox method to have his say.

Randy, of course, had to get the story. Wade is one of millions of eccentric individuals that shuffle around among us, usually unseen and ignored. They fascinate Randy, however, and he seeks them out, sometimes in hidden camps and hobo jungles. With much practice, he relates to them easily, like the "brother" he is, probing for the passions and fears that animate them. Perhaps it enriches his poetry. At any rate, he thinks all us full-time RVers are at least one standard deviation from the mean.


Blogger Desert Diva said...

I often wonder what motivates people to do things that the world views as different or odd. Although I've never seen it, "Salvation Mountain" at the Slabs is another "act of piety" that comes to mind.

What a beautiful bike trail and an interesting "gem."

4:25 AM  

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