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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Close Call

I've been looking for a new trailer for awhile, and almost bought one the other day. I've always wanted a couch, and planned to remove the dinette and put in a desk and entertainment center. We agreed on a price, but then the salesman added on over $600 in fees. When I objected, they let us walk out the door! Surely some of the worst salesmanship that I've ever seen...

Randy's relieved, because it would have meant a lot of work for him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been "lurking" at various sites.... including yours...
I was under the impression that you both travelled in the truck w/stealth trailer. Photo's show a short 17? foot camper w/truck.
Do you both travel with both units? Just being nosy...and I agree, I would have walked out too. Greed seems to be the business way anymore... I think they were "low-ballin'" ya' and thought they would throw the balance in at the end... Yes... LOUSY attitudes and profit is put ahead of real salesmanship.
My viewpoint?: It is MY money that makes their ships float... No matter what they think, when I leave and my money goes with me... they dont have a sale. No sale means no business means no company... Sure wish corporate would understand MY message!
Keep trucking so I can view more of the US of a from my computer in der' basement... The slave chains about my ankle are getting thinner and weaker by the weeks.
TNX for sharing...
Waiting for more of your journey.
(Cleve, O)
The armpit of amerika

4:51 AM  

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