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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The World's Largest Boulder

It’s a whopper! Seven stories high. Not surprising the Indians considered it "sacred." Far out in the desert near Landers it sits, keeping its secrets. Most intriguing to me is the fact that a German immigrant lived under it for about 10 years. Yes, he dug, chipped and carved a 400 square foot home under its western side. He died under there in 1942 in a dramatic showdown with the Feds, who thought he was a spy.

He was friends with the builder of the nearby Integratron, who then took over the rock, and took believers down under for meditation sessions, which he claimed led to UFO contacts. At it’s peak, the rock became the focus of yearly UFO conventions, with 11,000 folks showing up for "alien" inspiration.

I wish sometimes I could take the whole believing world on a "Holy Tour" of the multitudes of cults, sects, temples and churches, each claiming "revelation" from higher beings. Soon their ardor would cool and they would appreciate a huge rock as a huge rock. Wherever we go–cows or no cows–there is always bull.


(For the whole story on the rock, go to


Blogger Unknown said...

That's a big boulder.

The largest boulders I have seen were when I kayaked the Sespe River in California. They certainly dwarfed the boulders scattered around Yosemite Valley. I wonder if some might be as big as Giant Rock.

10:38 PM  

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