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Friday, September 15, 2006

Mt. Shasta

Here we are camped where we’ve camped before, with a great view of Mt. Shasta, off Hwy 89 beside the quiet ski park road. We liked it well enough to stay two days. The road was fairly steep, and I was pointed downhill, so I got level by putting large blocks under my truck wheels. Lots of great parking places require a little leveling work. In severe tilt situations, we’ve been known to dig a hole on one side and put blocks on the other. There are 47 ways to skin a cat, as we say in Louisiana, and probably 47 ways to get level. We each carry a nice selection of blocks.

A little farther south, we were attracted by a vast unoccupied mesa and lava field on the map, and made our way there. (Wilcox Rd, then turn left on a dirt road toward the fishing access) Wow! What a whopper of a lava field, thousands of acres----and, a river runs through it. A river so clear and sweet that its entire flow is blocked and siphoned off into a giant pipe to somewhere. We stayed 2 days enjoying the quiet.



Blogger the peripatetic poodle said...

Now there's a picture of Randy in his glory!, with a view of a stratovolcano out his "picture window."

1:59 PM  
Blogger squire said...

Is that your grocery list on the board behind you?

6:39 AM  

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