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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Eugene, Oregon -- Nomad Heaven

Eugene is a city green—so green that it’s #1 in the nation as judged by The Arbor Society. Development gives way to bike paths here—and they run everywhere. Lots of folks abandon cars and scurry ‘round town on bikes. We parked adjacent to the bike path and watched the parade go by. Parents pulling happy toddlers in cute trailers. Recumbent bikes, too. I was so fascinated that I test-rode one. Terrific!

We settled in behind the Valley River Mall as usual for the 3 days allowed. Surely the best RV parking spot in America. Walk or bike across the nearby footbridge over the Willamette River to the Rose Garden that dazzles nose and eye. I was drawn there Tuesday by the sounds of drumming. Six Hippies with an assortment of drums "synchronized" with one another. It looked like fun.

Saturday Market here is a spectacle not to be missed. A wholesome, holistic, natural, New Age gathering of buyers and sellers. This is where the Hippies retreated to preserve their culture.

I went around town engaging all sorts of folks, getting their story. Al Vargas came from Portland to visit and show us his new rig.



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See that bike does come in handy! Loved the pictures as always.


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