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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Sweet Spots

The first is Julian, CA, a tourist town in the mountains above Borrego Springs. This is Mom of Mom's Pie House, making apple pies by the thousands.

Cider apples after the big squeeze.

The second sweet spot is Palm Canyon in Anza Borrego State Park near Borrego Springs. There are 3 surprises here. The first is the sudden appearance of water up a dry canyon. Just downstream from here it sinks into the ground. That's Barbara and Ron hiking with us.

Add a touch of water to any desert and life flourishes.

The second surprise is this beautiful oasis deep into the canyon. You'd think someone planted these palms, but they are native. Once they were everywhere, then the climate got too dry. This is one of the few surviving groves.

Bats, rats and insects find shelter in the brushy coating.

The third surprise is that Desert Bighorn Sheep are holding their own here and sometimes appear. If we had seen any, they would have looked like this!


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