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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lone Pine Film Festival

With our increased boldness, we parked beside a country road, less than a mile from the festival. Next to cell towers once more, we had perfect phone service and Verizon broadband internet access.

And with this nice view out Diana's big window.

These are the famous Alabama Hills, named by local southern sympathizers to celebrate the naval exploits of the wild Confederate ship, the Alabama, that sank 62 Union ships.

The arrow is pointing to Mount Whitney. This area is called Movie Flats because over 500 movies, mostly Westerns, were filmed here.

For the festival, hundreds of still photos like this are placed exactly where each scene was shot.

As you can see, the weather was a little chilly and windy Friday and Saturday of the festival.

Diana in one of the arches in the Hills.

Randy sitting on Froggie's nose.

Finally, on Sunday, the wind died and the weather warmed, just in time for the parade. This cowboy's horse is named Segway.

Lots of Western movie stars were in the parade, but this was the only name we recognized.

Oh, but wait! Here's John Wayne, Buffalo Bill, Paladin, and Walter Brennan!

All we need now is a band.

And here it is! Six intrepid musicians!

We really enjoyed ourselves in this small town celebrating a big history.


Anonymous Lloyd said...

Considering how cool it looks in this year's photos, the dance hall ladies could have been wearing fur coats as they marched in the parade.

10:12 PM  

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