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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where Did All the Hippies Go?

The great mystery is solved! They went to Eugene, Oregon, bringing peace, love, and flowers with them. They infiltrated the City Council, passing green, green laws, establishing mile-long parks, bicycle paths that criss-cross the city, community gardens, compost sites, recycle stations, and most strikingly, Saturday Market, where they gather to sell their wares.

"Frog" sells the world's funniest jokes.

The art of tie dye is definitely alive and well here.

You can even get tie dye toilet paper!

Great food, good music!

Fresh and organic are big words here.

Didgeridoos and free prayers too!

Trash is taken seriously in Eugene.

Not surprisingly, Randy was moved to song.
(To the tune of "Big Rock Candy Mountain")

Beneath a summer sky in the month of July,
A gypsy pair came a-callin’
On a city pristine by the name of Eugene,
Where there ain’t no snow a-fallin’.

As they rolled along, they sang a song
‘Bout a city of milk and honey,
Where vagabonds stay for many a day,
And they don’t need very much money.

Hear the whispering trees, feel the gentle breeze;
Walk a rainbow ‘cross that stream
To a garden of roses to thrill your noses
It’s heaven in a nomad’s dream.

In this town so green, the air is clean;
All bike paths run downhill.
There ain’t no skeeters and no parking meters,
And we pay no ‘lectric bill.

There’s hippies from the woods selling natural goods;
The veggies are all organic.
Every vine has berries and the trees have cherries,
And the music is all romantic.


Blogger squire said...

They didn't all make it that far. Ukiah, Ca. has more than its share.
Nothing wrong with being "green", we all need a little Kermit in us.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Desert Diva said...

Eugene is one of my favorite cities. Thanks for sharing your great photos (as always) and Randy's poetic form.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Roaming Barbara said...

Great shots of the market, I'll have to hit that next time I'm in Eugene. I especially loved 'Frog'. He's a classic. Unfortunately, I don't think I know 'Big Rock Candy Mountain', I but loved the lyrics.

6:37 PM  

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