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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visiting Lamy

Lamy is a one station town way out in the boondocks near Santa Fe. Perhaps 10 people call it home now, but once 3,000 lived here servicing the trains and tourist industry. It remains the Amtrak stop for Santa Fe, and the terminus of the Santa Fe Southern Railway, a sightseeing train, shown here arriving from downtown.

Diana, walking around taking pictures, literally got “picked up” by a charming engineer.

She got to ride around in the engine for 45 minutes, while the engine shuffled the few freight cars the train had, and while they moved the engine to the other end of the train. Kind of a fox, goose, and corn puzzle with LOTS of steps involved.

This closed-up church, viewed through the engineer’s window, hints of better times.

Here’s serendipity for you— Randy quizzed the docent of the Lamy Railroad and History Museum, Thomas Boyer, and learned that he used to be a private pilot for Chrysler, and flew Lee Iacocca all over the world.

More serendipity— Right here in this bar, Glen Campbell got his start, singing here when he was in high school in Albuquerque.

A real gambling room, scene of a real killing. The bullet holes remain in the wall.

Here’s the real thing— Amtrak purring to a halt. The “Southwest Chief” runs daily from Chicago to LA. Randy quizzed the conductor and learned that it was fully occupied.

Like Santa Claus, its visit was brief. It whooshed away surprisingly fast. This is one of the few places where the East-bound and West-bound trains arrive within 40 minutes of each other. They were both on time!


Blogger Janet Johns said...

Been through Lamy more than a few times on the Train, starting in about 1962 when the old green Santa Fe coaches used on The Grand Canyon still had ice cooling! Loved those old AT&SF Warbonnets.
Have never driven through Lamy, though.


2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HAVE to go there!

Your sister, Barbara

5:24 PM  

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