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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sedona -- The New Age Babylon

Camped with WIN friends just outside Sedona, we are awakened each morning by the unmistakable whoosh of hot air balloons. Friendly aeronauts greet us from their magic sky-buckets.

Downtown Sedona is the spiritual mecca for New Agers. Spiritual paraphernalia and services are available everywhere.

Believers explain that the Sedona area is rich with 4 major vortexes, "energy centers" with "remarkable spiritual powers." Here are 2 of these vortexes, Cathedral Rock (on top) and Bell Rock.

Never a believer, Randy refers to Sedona as "woo-woo-ville" or "New Age Babylon." Nevertheless, one cannot help enjoy the scenery and the hoopla.

Even the forest service speaks the local dialect.


Blogger Wandrin said...

You are certainly very fortunate to be able to catch photos of a vortex. Good job!

I'm never sure about some things -- including belief in a vortex. I come away from a vortex visit feeling spiritually rejuvenated. Of course that could have been that mini bottle of Chardonnay that accompanied my lunch.

10:29 PM  
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