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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Goodbye Dorothy

We are sad to report that WIN's beloved founder, Dorothy Prince, passed away Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas. She became ill here in Quartzsite less than 2 weeks ago. She founded WIN 19 years ago in order to enjoy the company of other single RVers. Without her, none of us, including Randy and I, would ever have met. She will be sorely missed. Randy's poem celebrates her contribution.

Dorothy Prince, Our Number 1 WINer

Millions dream of what could be;
Thousands dream and talk.
But precious few proceed to make
Their dream rise up and walk.

Founders are special dreamer’s who
Achieve the greatest innovation:
They bring into being and bequeath to the world
A living organization.

Thus Dorothy Prince created WIN;
Organized singles in motion.
Now we are a thousand strong
And stretch from ocean to ocean.

She called us out of our separateness
To connections exciting and new,
Like mountain men from the wilderness
Called to a rendezvous.

We delight in each other’s company;
Wander like tribes of yore,
Bonded by the constitution she wrote,
Traditions she laid in store.

Hats off to the lady who gave us birth;
Thanks for her unique gift,
Molding a happy caravan
Of highway flotsam adrift.


Anonymous Dorothy's son David said...

Dorothy's son David said...

I believe we may have met and talked at a WIN event in Quartzsite several years back.

Thanks for the kind post in Mom's honor. We saw it shortly after you published it. &while we were in (Sequim)

My email is xrdave(at) should you or anyone wish to communicate.

11:41 AM  

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