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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cottonwood Wash Road

We wanted to go see the Wave, a unique rock structure in the Coyote Buttes area of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, but it is very difficult to get the required permit; only a few are given out each day, via a lottery. So we settled in at the head of House Rock Valley Road to do some other sightseeing while we waited. N37.1234 W111.9762 One day we drove up Cottonwood Wash Road, a very long dirt road through some beautiful rock formations. The road parallels the Cockscomb, a ridge of pointed rocks that look just like their name. We went all the way to Grosvenor Arch, 30 miles north of Hwy 89, stopping along the way to hike through the Cottonwood Narrows.



Blogger the peripatetic poodle said...

I love that picture of Cottonwood Wash Road, and I'm still trying to figure out why. Perhaps it's the harsh, foreboding look to it. In nature photographs I usually respond to "fear and awe" more than I do to "postcard pretty." Reading too much Nietzshe, maybe?

Or maybe it's the reef on the right of the photo. Once day I biked with a fellow who lived in the Saint George area. His neighborhood was positively rife with reefs. He lectured for an hour on the subject, as we pedalled along, and I have loved reefs ever since.

Unlike giant twisted fault block mountain ranges, reefs are human-sized. You can imagine the earth buckling.

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