Life on the Open Road (April 2006 - May 2008)

The continuing saga of a single fulltime RVer who travels the western US. This is part one of my journey, from April 2006, when the blog started, to May 2008, when the blog continues at

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I have been a full-time RVer for 18 years, primarily "boondocking," camping free without hookups, in the Western US. I am connected electronically with the world via satellite TV, phone and internet. My batteries are charged solely by solar panels. I welcome your comments and emails.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


These are the adventures of Diana Tolerico and Randy Vining, journeying full-time across America, living in separate RVs. We seek out new lands, people, and experiences, boldly going where few have gone before; advancing confidently in the direction of our dreams. This blog picks up the saga in our ninth year together.
Ours is a largely "boondocking" lifestyle, camping free in remote locations. However, we are connected electronically with the world via satellite TV, radio, cell phone, and internet. Our batteries are charged by solar panels. Using a host of resources, we search out terrific free camping spots, which we intend to share with you.
We put our story on line in hopes it will be of use to you and to us. We invite your comments and inquires.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Diana and Randy, Love your blog site. The pics are fabulous. As for telling the location, it is helpful for those who would want to go and yet it opens the area for eventual increased used and abuse possibly. A friend of mine tells people he talks to that they should not retire because there is already too many out there!
I way envious for your opportunity to see so much, I will see you freely in 3 years, bummer. Keep up the good work. I was temped to try my had a creating a blog but I cannot immagine what I could put in it that anywould find interesting really. Karen

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your website tonight. Awesome pictures from your travels. I did have a question. Why do you travel separately in 2 rv's? Isn't that rather costly?

9:02 PM  

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