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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon, also called Corkscrew, is surely the most beautiful of all the slot canyons in the Page area. From the surface, it doesn't look like much. To enter, you slide down into this crack.

Wow! What a surprise! The canyon is a quarter of a mile long, with 7 dropoffs. Ladders and staircases make it easy to negotiate. The Indians who own the land charge an entrance fee, and did all the improvements. They now also provide a guide.

I happened to be there when the sun shines through this hole. The guide throws sand in the air to make the light appear.

Our guide was an accomplished guitarist who serenaded us through the canyon. Although it was nice, I would have rather gone by myself. I later discovered that if you tell them you are a photographer, they will let you go in by yourself, and stay for 4 hours.

More of my pictures are on Flickr.


Blogger LindaSue said...

I never thought there were so many beautiful things to see. Makes my heart ache with longing.
My little boy died when he was 11. His heart though damanged and repaired was as big and beautiful as these pictures. Makes me want to go there and I know I would feel close to him in all that beauty. Thank you for sharing the beauty.
I hope someday real soon I will be out there and enjoying all the beauty. Will look you up when I get there.

9:10 PM  

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