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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Canada's Glacier National Park

Today we took a day trip to Glacier National Park. While the Glacier National Park in the US has less than 50 glaciers, Canada’s park with the same name has over 400.

We first visited Rogers Pass, where these mountains provided almost insurmountable obstacles to the completion of Canada’s first transcontinental railroad. Avalanches were a huge problem, and the railroad now goes through a tunnel under Mount Macdonald. Avalanches are still a problem on the Trans-Canada Highway, which goes through the park here. Controlled avalanches are set off by shooting huge artillery shells from mobile howitzers. The first picture is taken from the pass.

We then hiked the Great Glacier Trail, which led to a very nice view of the Vaux Glacier on Mount Sir Donald (last picture). We also caught glimpses of the Great Glacier, otherwise known as Illecillewaet.


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